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Automatic leather case machine on the book cover production solution

  Automatic leather case machine developed from single head machine in the 1960 s to the late 70 s DA series, series of DAS in the 80 s and 80 s after 240/270 series and so on, to now has 50 years history, has always been superior to its compact design, stable performance, precise positioning, the flexible control and high speed production efficiency in hardcover shell making hegemony in this field. ST the characteristics of the automatic leather case machine developed by sheng figure ST automatic leather case with a vacuum transfer system, has won the national patent), and automatic lubricating system, quick die change system and preheating device, intelligent control adhesives used Japanese omron PLC man-machine dialogue color display and adjustment of frequency conversion control system, etc., can automatically complete the regular book cover glue on the cover of the equipment operation, and on both sides of the plate paper, paper article center or center positioning, package edge, bidirectional leveling. Printers tour can not only perfect deduce in the boutique book shell production process, and mobile phone boxes, gift boxes, photo albums, moon cake boxes, desk calendar, books, CD boxes, watches boxes, such as a lot of packaging products processing can be effective. This is for investors to create more business channels, increased the more volume, maximum satisfy the diversification of Chinese philosophy, tasting cup, and can recover the cost of investment in a relatively short period.
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