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The characteristics of the automatic leather case machine

  1, the commonly used automatic leather case machine feida automatic feed structure, the overall movement full pneumatic control, simple and reasonable structure.
  2, pile of paper and paper feed platform of platform width adjustment adopts center concentric, simple operation without error.
  3, cardboard feeding machine adopts linear guide rail, accurate.
  4,Four short of cardboard, cardboard feeding other station automatic stop device, reduce the waste product rate of good product.
  5, conveyor belt use high-power suction fan, make the paper more smooth and accurate.
  6, paper conveying positioning system adopts imported high-precision photoelectric control, the positioning of the paper and cardboard more accurate and reliable.
  7, the rear of the fully automatic quadrilateral, sealing machine adopts unique automatic pressure Angle, agency, guarantee the qualification rate of products.
  8, automatic leather case receive a platform using desktop stack feeding feeding, receiving more convenient.
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