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Automatic mechanism of leather case for common problems and solutions

  Automatic leather case machine, no matter how good the product in the process of actual use up, will always encounter a few difficulties. Automatic leather case machine in the process of production, often encounter some difficult to solve the problem, now to teach you a method to solve the problem and analysis.
  (1) should be no loose or loose after cutting, shaking loose when put the cover cover.
  (2) each cover is static, the most important thing is that the cover in the surface treatment must eliminate static electricity
  (3) the cover when they do surface treatment, the residual part of adhesives to lightly spray powder or in other similar materials in didn't handle good place, to the average. In the package is not tight, empty while, also can appear a few reasons
  (1) grey is through paper cutter cutting board, as the grey board paper cutter cutting leaves blade (is the up and down not neat gray paper cross section), then in the process of leather making are prone to empty or package while not tight, we usually recommend the use of paper cutting machine cutting grey board book printing, can avoid this kind of situation. Original clearance is too large, more than normal scope of work for more than 2 mm (normal working range is generally about 1 mm).
  (2) the bottom die flatness there are differences, should be level. Leather case blister generally have the following two reasons.
  (1) general was in a large book cover it's easy to have a leather case blister, it could be bonding the cover made of air discharge not, then we can be in the middle of the suction nozzle plate add a cross arm or add a layer of sponge on the bottom die.
  (2) or cover not come into contact with adhesives bidirectional compressive pressure is too small inkjet at ordinary times, are generally want to see is adjust on that situation.
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