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Box machinery packaging color skills by hand grasp

  Hand box machine, color box technique
  Colour skills should be attention from the following points: one is the color and packaging are care of relationship; 2 it is colour and colour contrast relationship. These two points is a key in colour is applied.
  (a), color and packaging are care
  So, as the color and packaging are coordinate relationship between the from any talk about? Mainly through the external packaging colors can reveal or its inner packaging items. Make the person a see the outer packing can basically perception or associated with the inner packaging was. For this problem, the author has repeatedly mentioned in the past, but if we can into stores to look on the goods, of many goods and failed to reflect the care of relationship. Make consumers not to think about its excellent packaging items for what. There are, of course, on product sales play a positive role in promotion. Normal external packaging color should be grasp so the same characteristics in different degrees;
  (1) from the industry progress, food coloring the mass-tone attune of normal light yellow, pink to describe this gives a person the sense with warm and close. , of course, including tea, with green, drinks, with green and blue, alcohol, pastry with big red, children's food with rosy, daily-use cosmetics class and more normal coloring the mass-tone attune to rose, with the, light green, shallow blue, dark brown, is warm and elegant to highlight the twitters, clothing shoes and hats class with more is dark green, dark blue, brown or gray, in order to highlight composed the aesthetic feeling of elegance.
  From the performance characteristics, in terms of food, cakes pastries class multi-purpose golden, give a person with aroma assail the impression; Tea, beer drinks such as multi-purpose red or green, a symbol of the rich and fragrant tea; Tomato juice, apple juice, multi-purpose red, concentrated show that with the nature of the item. Although some packaging looks from the mass-tone attune is not like the above said products with similar properties of color, but look carefully if the packaging design is from the expert, so, in its outer packing picture must have the point symbol of fine pen color piece and color dot, line and color with the prominent focus on content. This should be everyone's masterpiece. And some cosmetic packaging of some clothes, and even some wine packaging can find many examples of this.
  (2) the relation between color and color contrast
  Besides, color and color contrast relations. This is most easily in a lot of commodity packaging performance is very difficult to grasp. High caliber in the design, the wounds of the packaging effect is high, on the other hand, is the item. Popular in Chinese calligraphy and painting, so a words, called tight, thin monkey. In fact say is a relationship of contrast. Performance in packaging design, this relation is very obvious, and very common. These so-called contrast, contrast generally has the following aspects: the colour using depth contrast using the weight of the contrast color, the color use point to face than the use of the comparative color, the color of use and low contrast, color use contrast and so on.
  (1) the depth of the color to use. This in the packaging design coloring on the frequency of the most, the range of the most widely used. In many graphic design (posters, hanging picture book or situation) is very common. So-called depth contrast, design should be refers to the color depth on two colors ingeniously appear on a screen at the same time, and the perspective of comparative coordination, produce class effect. To lay a foundation is usually used as the light color of large area, and on it with dark composition, such as weak * foundation, with brown composition, or use in shades of brown yellow or white design line; Also like to lay a foundation with pale green; The composition of green; To lay a foundation of pink; Big red composition; Light grey to lay a foundation of; The composition of black soap, and so on. Use depth contrast, these are the colour on the packaging design in the form we can in some cosmetics on the package or on the packaging of some western wine, especially wine packaging is most common in Western Europe. Chinese way of changyu wine and shuanghui sausages and jay's meat packing are mostly in this form. This kind of packaging in Japan and South Korea are also common in Taiwan. It is shown by visual effect and lively, simple and modest, simple but elegant.
  (2) the weight of the color to use contrast (or depth) on the use of packaging color, this is also one of important representation technique. This weight contrast, tend to be on the impression of light simple but elegant foil a dignified deep theme pattern, or in a dignified deep theme design (with color piece design value). Show a light simple but elegant packaging with the theme of the name, and logo or slogan. In turn, is a large area of useful dignified deep to lay a foundation of pigment. The other with light simple but elegant is tonal or focus on a certain color piece or comprehensive adornment a few lines. In this kind of weight contrast, general pigment has harmonious color contrast and color contrast of changes in temperature, harmonious color contrast methods tend to be light green to dark green; Light * fordeep coffee; Pink to bright red, etc., and the contrast of warm and cool colors are black and white, red and blue, and so on.
  (3) the color use point facing ratio (or size) the comparison, mainly in a packaging image design process, the use of pigment from a center or focus on the overall image contrast, the contrast between the small scale and large range images. In daily life, especially in the washing cosmetics, we can see on the packaging of a product, the entire area clean anything, there are concentrated among then a very obvious heavy color of the small squares (or small circular or elliptic) and then from the small squares packaging content is reflected on the image of the brand and the name of the theme, this is both the point and the combination, it is big and small contrast, occasionally there from point to the gradual transition of contrast.
  (4) the use of the contrast color. We can see unified 100 instant noodles, their bags on the lower half is miscellaneous instant noodles every physical design, and in it with the top of the picture is the big green clean bright red color, and then very conspicuous to highlight the "100", then look at the journal packaging world 66 period of cover (also called the packing of the book). With a large area of straw material courtesy name-in, appear very complex even packing four word also multifarious in the world, is the center of the picture, however, showed a clean a round color blank. In which marked "the economist in 2000 will be extended compatibilizing" "welcome to subscribe to the local post office. So simple and easy, but originality independently to the magazine's most need to express ideas came to focus. The author also has seen a kind of the packing bag of dumplings in the shop, and a kind of seasoning bags the whole picture to adopt green black and * of pigment and intertwined in a picture, that is to show the trademark was forced to without resistance and want to show the name, also want to foil design, performance results because of the large area of dark lining the multifarious design do not have any actual pictures, but all the above should illustrate the main body of diluent, flooded Yang, cause this kind of packing on the person's psychology is a kind of feeling of oppression and irritation, nature also affects the sales.
  (5) the colour is used to contrast, mainly highlight the elegance of arrangement and go against it. The common expression, is to use "dirty" chaos and disorder of color (actually show originality, some western painting is about the performance - that is, modern abstract art). The composition of a picture, or is a kind of symbolically revealed the theme, either on the theme of "foil lotus" service.
Make it a little red than the flowers. Such as in a packaging image will be wildly at sixes and sevens color is careless to look a heap or throw paint on it. Then quietly aside or theme to the patterns in which cleverly location clear out. This is a very interesting thing. In addition to the packaging, or even a book binding, advertising, posters posters, leisure columns have such attempt on TV.
  (6) color use contrast. This contrast is by a variety of pigment in their different effect of the contrast is formed between each other. The contrast effect usually show the method is: the contrast of light and shade contrast (or called Yin and Yang), like China's yi light figure; The contrast of changes in temperature contrast, such as red and blue; Contrast movement, such as elegant quiet background compared with lively beating pattern of the text: the contrast of light and heavy, such as dark pigment compared with the pigment of light and so on.
  Comprehensive these colour contrast is simply because a design needs through the comparison of different colors and performance in a way, but this kind of pigment and constitute the packaging design elements essential to the object, some design, even the ingenious combination of different pigment. Therefore, in the process of research of packaging design, if you don't pay attention to grasp the relationship between color and color contrast, also cannot talk about design good packaging design.
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