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The structure of the book cover machine performance and use characteristics

  Book cover machine equipped with negative pressure adsorption function, make the cover more level off, do not run; Books shell machine with precise cutting Angle of function, the different need to adjust the thickness of the cardboard can be cut out of specification standard covers the cutting Angle. Equipped with double rubber roller bag edge device, more quickly the production of standard hardcover and shell; Valuable book cover to cover, cardboard and pitch diameter plate can be adjusted accurately positioning
  Book cover machine features:
  Unique double tension control device, effectively solve the feida the double zhang and zhang more problems when feed servo drive, hydraulic drive, electric position rectifying device,
  Can quickly accurately positioning cardboard on the surface paper reasonable humanized design, makes the machine for plate efficiency significantly reliable mechanical transmission,
  Quality of electrical parts makes the machine performance is stable and reliable mechanical package edge folding process, make the finished product is beautiful beautiful,
  Touch interface and machine fault display function, make the man-machine dialogue is more convenient and direct.
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