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The leading technology equipment of bilateral cover machine

  Bilateral cover machine invention relates to a paper glue, paper board product positioning, flanging machine equipment, can be used to produce the hardcover book cover, desk calendar, calendars, innovative book boxes, folders, etc. After automatic cover machine by push feed structure and glue, flanging part and receiving; Gluing part includes progressive connection platform for the pile of paper, paper feed platform and gluing mechanism and cardboard feeding machine, flanging part includes folding mechanism and transmission mechanism. The simple and reasonable structure design, the design of open mode, facilitate error-free operation of personnel;
  Bilateral cover machine unique double tension control device, effectively solve the problem of double zhang and zhang of feed servo drive, hydraulic drive, electric position rectifying device, can quickly accurately positioning cardboard on the surface paper reasonable humanized design, make the machine for plate efficiency significantly reliable mechanical transmission, good quality of electrical parts makes the machine performance is stable and reliable mechanical package edge folding process, make the finished product is beautiful beautiful, touch interface and machine fault display function, make the man-machine dialogue is more convenient and direct.
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