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Hardcover book cover machine mechanical structure design

  Hardcover book shell machine, just as its name implies is a machine used for hardcover book cover, such as the xinhua dictionary, we use the shell, shell hardcover shell machine is made of books, some books and shell machine using light refraction, reflection principle, adopts center positioning method, meet the demand of users quickly operation; Book cover machine equipped with negative pressure adsorption function, make the cover more level off, do not run; Books shell machine with precise cutting Angle of function, the different need to adjust the thickness of the cardboard can be cut out of specification standard covers the cutting Angle. Equipped with double rubber roller bag edge device, more quickly the production of standard hardcover and shell; Valuable book cover to cover, cardboard and pitch diameter plate can be adjusted accurately positioning.
  The role of the mechanical maintenance:
  (1) make mechanical often is in good condition, ready to start running or the car.
  (2) under the condition of reasonable use, not for damage and stop halfway.
  (3) in use process does not affect safety or drive by accident in the parts.
  (4) mechanical assembly, parts and components technical conditions remain balanced, achieve the longest overhaul interval.
  (5) oil, tyres and spare parts to meet minimum consumption level
  Hardcover book cover machine mechanical structure design of the main features are:
  (1) it is a thinking, drawing, calculation (and sometimes necessary experiments) in the integration of design process, is the most of the issues involved in mechanical design, concrete work, effort, the biggest stage, in the whole process of mechanical design, an average of about 80% of the time used in structure design, plays an important role in the success or failure of the mechanical design.
  (2) of the mechanical structure design problem, namely mechanical structure that could satisfy the requirement of the same design is not the only one
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