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The use of leather case machine

  The use of leather case machine
  Leather case machine is a professional for hardcover book cover, laptop, covers, calendars, desk calendar, folder leather case production automation production equipment.
  A full leather case machine and usually have a vacuum system, automatic lubricating system, quick die change system, intelligent control goo advance device, automatic feed device, cardboard automatic positioning device. Leather case machine is generally used in mass production of moon cakes, tea, outer-package of mobile phones, underwear, handicrafts, cosmetics and folders, desk calendar, hardcover book cover production molding, is the most efficient automation solutions.
  Dongguan city xin hui source machinery co., LTD is a Taiwan xinyuan industrial was founded in 1999 in guangdong province after a company specializing in the production of printed packaging technology, hardcover books, automated machinery and equipment companies, are widely used and gift boxes, hardcover books, moon cake boxes, mobile phone box, shoes box, and other production and packaging of the box. The company is located in guangdong province dongguan city based wangniudun pier town, covers an area of 5000 square meters.
  The company after several years of accumulation of experience, and cooperation of the manufacturers put forward valuable opinion, on the mechanical improvement innovation, xinyuan in quality assurance at the same time provides the high quality, good service, professional, integrity, reasonable price, deeply the general customers the high praise.
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